Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spring AOP – Advice

Spring AOP – Advice

Spring AOP Advice is the action taken by an aspect at a particular join point. Different types of advice include 
  • Around advice
  • Before advice
  • After advice

Many AOP frameworks, including Spring, model an advice as an interceptor, maintaining a chain of interceptors around the join point.

Types of advice:
  • Before advice: Advice that executes before a join point, but which does not have the ability to prevent execution flow proceeding to the join point.

  • After returning advice: Advice to be executed after a join point completes normally.

  • After throwing advice: Advice to be executed if a method exits by throwing an exception.

  • After (finally) advice: Advice to be executed regardless of the means by which a join point exits, normal or exceptional return.

  • Around advice: Advice that surrounds a join point such as a method invocation. This is the most powerful kind of advice. Around advice can perform custom behavior before and after the method invocation. It is also responsible for choosing whether to proceed to the join point or to shortcut the advised method execution by returning its own return value or throwing an exception.

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