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Thursday, 24 November 2016

AngularJS 2 - Whats there ??

Angular 2 is not a version upgrade, but a complete REWRITE.
Features of Angular 2 are as below
Ø  Mobile development – Angular 2 is mobile oriented & better in performance.  The rationale is desktop development is much easier when mobile performance issues are handled first
Ø  Modularity – Various modules are removed from Angular’s core, resulting in better performance. These will find their way into Angular’s ever-growing ecosystem of modules, meaning you’ll be able to pick and choose the parts you need.
Ø  Modern browsers – Suggested to work with modern browsers thus, reducing the need for browser compatibility workarounds
Ø  Angular 2 recommends the use of Microsoft's TypeScript language, which introduces the following improvements:
o   Class-based Object Oriented Programming
o   Static Typing
o   Generics
o   Lambdas
Ø  TypeScript is a superset of ECMAScript 6, and is backwards compatible with ECMAScript 5 (i.e.: JavaScript). Angular 2 also includes the benefits of ECMAScript 6:
o   Iterators
o   For/Of loops
o   Python-style generators
o   Reflection
Ø  Improved dependency injection – Angular 2.0 will address the challenges faced in Angular 1.x , as well as adding missing features such as child injectors and lifetime/scope control.
Ø  Dynamic loading : This will enable the developers to add new directives or controllers on the fly.
Ø  Asynchronous template compilation : The template compilation process will be asynchronous
Ø  Simpler Routing : The router in Angular 2.0 has been reworked to be simple, yet extensible
Ø  Diary.js logging – Angular 2.0 will contain a logging service called diary.js—a super useful feature which measures where time is spent in your application
Ø  Replacing controllers and $scope - $scope will be removed in Angular 2.0 in favor of ES6 classes.

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