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Java Quiz 01

Take the Java Quiz

    1.     Which of the following is true Statement?
A.    A class that is abstract cannot not be instantiated
B.    final variable are constant variable
C.    A static variable indicates there is only one copy of that variable
D.    A method defined as private indicates that it is accessible to all other classes in the same package

    2.     Which is a valid keyword in java?
A.    int
B.    Boolean
C.    Integer
D.    Instanceof

    3.     Given :
public class A{
 class B{
On compiling the code using
What all .class files will be created?"
A.      A.class
B.      B.class
C.      A.class AND B.class
D.      A.class AND A$B.class

     4.     Given:
public class TestString1 {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String str = "420";
str += 42;
What is the output?
A.    42
B.    420
C.    462
D.    42042

    5.     Identify the correct syntax to create a user defined exception which handles exception at compile time
A.    class MyException extends Exception {}
B.    class MyException extends RuntimeException {}
C.    class MyException extends Error {}
D.    None from the option

    6.     Which of the following command will create a non-executable jar file
A.    java -cf jarname.jar classfiles
B.    java  jarname.jar classfiles
C.    java -cf classfiles jarname.jar
D.    None from the option

    7.     Exception given by  compiler  at compile time  are known as
A.    checked exception
B.    unchecked exception
C.    public exception
D.    None from the option

    8.     Which of the following is correct Statement for annotation?
A.    annotation is information for compiler
B.    none of the options
C.    annotation is use for compilation
D.    annotation is use to handle exception

    9.     Which class in java which can parse primitive types and strings using regular expressions
A.    Scanner
B.    Reader
C.    InputStream
D.    BufferedReader

   10.  Which of the following is part of Character stream?
A.    FileInputStream
B.    BufferedInputStream
C.    FileReader
D.    ObjectInputStream

   11.  Given:
import java.util.*;
public class Example {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// insert code here
set.add(new Integer(2));
set.add(new Integer(1));
Which code, inserted at line // insert code here, guarantees that this program will
output [1, 2]?
A.    Set set = new TreeSet();
B.    Set set = new HashSet();
C.    Set set = new LinkedHashSet();
D.    None from the option

    12.  Given a class whose instances, when found in a collection of objects, are sorted by using the compare() method, which  statements are true?
A.    The class implements java.lang.Comparable.
B.    The class implements java.lang.Comparator
C.    The interface used to implement sorting allows this class to define only one sort
D.    The interface used to implement sorting allows this class to define many different sort

    13.  Which interface provides the capability to store objects using a key-value pair?
A.    Java.util.Map
B.    Java.util.List
C.    Java.util.Set
D.    Java.util.Collection

    14.  Which type of driver converts JDBC calls into the network protocol used by the database management system directly?
A.    Type 1 driver
B.    Type 2 driver
C.    Type 3 driver
D.    Type 4 driver

    15.  Which of the following methods are needed for loading a database driver in JDBC?
A.    registerDriver() method
B.    Class.forName()
C.    getDriver()
D.    getConnection()

    16.  All the method should be preceded with the keyword _____________ , If the methods of an object should only be executed by one thread at a time
A.    Asynchronized
B.    Serialized
C.    Synchronized
D.    None from the option

    17.  Which of the following synchronized method or block will compile and run without exception?
A.    private synchronized Object o;
B.    public synchronized void go() { /* code here */ }
C.    private synchronized(this) void go() { /* code here */ }
D.    void go() {
synchronized(Object.class) { /* code here */ }

    18.  An object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object is _____________________
A.    ResultSetMetaData
B.    DatabaseMetaData
C.    ColumnMetaDeta
D.    None from the option
   19.  Given:
public class MyThread implements Runnable{
//your code here

Which method definition in // your code here completes the class?
A.    void run()
B.    void start()
C.    void execute()
D.    void runThread()

   20.  A call to this methods invoked on a thread will wait and not return until either the thread has completed or it is timed out after the specified time.
A.    sleep()
B.    yeild()
C.    join()
D.    run()

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