Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What is static class loading and dynamic class loading in Java

Static Loading
Classes are statically loaded in Java using new operator.

For Example :
class MyClass {
public static void main(String args[]) {
Car c = new Car();

A NoClassDefFoundException is thrown if a class is referenced with Java’s new operator but the runtime system cannot find the referenced class.

Dynamic loading is a technique for programmatically invoking the functions of a class loader at run time.
The following specifies how classes are loaded dynamically in Java

Class.forName (String className); //static method which returns a Class
The above static method returns the class object associated with the class name. The string className can be supplied dynamically at run time.
Unlike the static loading, the dynamic loading will decide whether to load the class ClassXXX  or the class ClassYYY at runtime. Once the class is dynamically loaded the following method returns an instance of the loaded class.

class.newInstance (); //A non-static method, which creates an instance of a class
Creates a new instance of the class represented by this Class object. The class is instantiated as if by a new expression with an empty argument list.

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